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What is Open Market?

Open Market’s bespoke shopping experience, both in-person and virtual, caters to today’s conscious consumers and creates opportunities for customers to actively participate in the redistribution of capital. What we’re doing is social activism; we’re shifting the commodification of BIPOC and POC trauma to a celebration of innovation and cultural diversity. 

Curating spaces for Community & Impact
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*BIPOC: Black Indigenous People of Color *POC: People of Color
Virtual Pop-up & Marketplace
Use your dollars for social power.

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Why do we do it

Close the financial and technological divide within the BIPOC business ecosystem.

Curate spaces that create visibility for BIPOC businesses and culture. 

Cultivate spaces that promote wellness and compassion

I absolutely adore Imani and her entire purpose behind OpenMarket. She has been so amazing to work with and I am so happy to support her business. I ordered the handmade bracelet supporting women and also the OMGoodies box which was FILLED with so many awesome goodies. The entire process was so fast and also loved all the handwritten notes and letters included.

- Pearl

OMGoodies Mystery Box

Packed with all things BIPOC and curated with love

Honestly for me I felt you went above and beyond. All the scents were complimentary of one another and not overpowering. Appreciated the extras including the handwritten thank you, card with all the vendors in the box listed, mini postcard set, 10% off discount for my next box, throat chakra crystal -in my declutter group this week we were discussing the importance of unblocking you throat chakra - by the way the tea cookies are FIRE!

- MJ

I got a OMGoodies Mystery Box as a treat for myself. I'm not usually one to buy things without knowing the contents. However, I trusted Imani would carefully curate the contents and I was right! I was delighted with everything in my box! You can tell the artisans who contributed to this box are talented folks and everything feels infused with love. When I'm looking for a little pick me up I'm going to dive back into this box! I'm excited there are so many things to pamper myself with! My favorites are the cookies, teas, and Jar Of Love. I highly recommend getting the OMGoodies Mystery Box for yourself or your loved ones! Thank you Imani!


Other ways to get involved...

It takes a village to build a community.

Sponsor an upcoming market and increase your brand visibility. Our curated packages are just right for you!

Have an idea? Curate a special event or launch a campaign and engage with our interactive community.

Trailblaze with us! Invest in the future of e-commerce, equity, and generational wealth.

Know a BIPOC or POC owned business and think we should know about them? Send them our way!

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