Open Market

Open Market is your new socially responsible marketplace redistributing capital and customers to BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) and POC (People of Color) businesses.

Open Market is responsive to new types of demand in conscious retail. We are making it easy for consumers to locate and patronize BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) brands that align with the initiatives they care about -- social justice, equity, sustainability, and livable wages. Open Market allows BIPOC-owned businesses to go beyond their geographic limitations while gaining access to resources, capital, and an engaged audience.  

We welcome you to the Open Market community.

Let’s do this together!

Our driving mission:

Close. Curate. Cultivate.

Close the financial and technological divide within the BIPOC business ecosystem.

Curate spaces that create visibility for BIPOC businesses and culture. 

Cultivate spaces that promote wellness and compassion.

Meet the Founder

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Imani Schectman is a connector and loves meeting new people. 

She is an artist, healer, and educator who wholeheartedly believes in the power of community. Imani has always been passionate about curating spaces for BIPOC, POC, and underrepresented people to feel seen, heard, and safe. 

Open Market is a direct response to both the 2020 global pandemic and social unrest in the United States. She saw opportunities to address both the financial and technical divides for BIPOC and POC by creating the Open Market marketplace. The Open Market marketplace centralizes BIPOC and POC businesses and encourages consumers to use their dollars as social power. 

Imani built Open Market for artisans and inventors, like herself,  to reach for their dreams and belong to a dynamic supportive community. Imani believes that we have a role to play in an equitable future, and Open Market is actively and collectively creating that future. She asks the community to continue to create visibility for BIPOC and POC businesses, celebrate our diverse cultures, be compassionate, and actively take care of our wellness.

Imani is truly grateful to everyone who is trailblazing with us and continues to actively support our mission.

This is her charge forward for the future. 

Other ways to get involved...

It takes a village to build a community.

Sponsor an upcoming market and increase your brand visibility. Our curated packages are just right for you!

Have an idea? Curate a special event or launch a campaign and engage with our interactive community.

Trailblaze with us! Invest in the future of e-commerce, equity, and generational wealth.

Know a BIPOC or POC owned business and think we should know about them? Send them our way!