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Tameeka Pigford

Breuchkelen Eclectic, a brand created by Tameeka Pigford, curates eclectic home decor accents such as planters, vases, light switches, outlet covers, and lampshades. Each piece is one of a kind and uniquely crafted to elevate & enhance the energy in any space. As a huge proponent of reducing my carbon footprint, 30% of the creations are up-cycled. Besides, second chances are often better than the first! Growing up with a lot of people and with limited funds, I learned to be creative early on, mixing and matching prints that people told me didn’t match. It worked for me! That was the start of my creative journey—seeing that I could play with colors and patterns effortlessly. The lack of funds for designer clothes encouraged me to be creative with what I had. Fast forward to 2017, and the inner artist in me decides to make a debut by painting flower pots to enhance the energy in my home. I saw the benefits of the positive energy in my surroundings and I decided to offer this opportunity of raising vibrations in the homes and spaces for others. Being an artist encourages me to create at all times. I create opportunities to heal when I teach yoga, and I create tasty vegan meals to heal my body. I am a lifelong learner. I absolutely love the color purple. I love that I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and I love connecting with family and friends.

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