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Richard Wilkins

I had decided to grow my beard out but knew nothing about how to take care of it. At times it was dry, itchy, and had the dreaded “beard-dandruff”. So I would buy random oils to help and it would help, but only temporarily. So I sat and started seriously researching and seeking out products that would be good for my beard, learning the differences between natural vs. synthetic products/ingredients, Hydrators vs. Moisturizers vs. Sealants, and what worked for my type of beard. I developed a routine and my beard started to flourish. Since then I’ve been making my own oils and balms. One day my mom smelled the scent of oil that I made and told me “you should sell this! A lot of men could really use this!” I thought about it and Hudson & Young was born. The name Hudson & Young comes from 3 of the most important people in my life. My grandparents, Herman and Idelle Hudson and Carlene Young. I thought of this as a way to honor them for everything that I have learned from them.

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