Open Market

Sheila Kelly

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Reggie Kelly and I’m the Founder & Owner of KYVAN Foods. The four most important things to me begin with “F”…Faith, Family, and Food. The fourth is Football, but not only from the standpoint of a fan. I enjoyed playing 13 years in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons and several years ago, I began planning for my career after the NFL by creating KYVAN Foods..a line of innovative, soul-stirring sauces and seasonings that cater to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs. Our purpose is to provide mouthwatering products to consumers globally with hopes of taking a percentage of sales to help stimulate communities by increasing job opportunities and supporting organizations that serve our youth. Building stronger, richer, and more beneficial experiences for our customers is at the forefront of our focus and it would be an honor to serve you as we continue to move towards these objectives. Thanks and God Bless!

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