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MADE BY BEST FRIENDS HANNAH & MOLLIE We’re Hannah and Mollie, best friends, who met during undergrad at UC Berkeley. It was friendship at first sight, and we have been best friends for over 15 years, through college, first jobs, weddings, and more. One thing that changed over those years was our dietary needs - we both became lactose intolerant in our early 20s. One thing that hasn't changed - is our sweet tooth. After dinner one day, Mollie made something known as banana ice cream for dessert. Frozen bananas in a food processor with a splash of almond milk. After the first bite, Hannah literally said to Mollie, "this is BANANAS!" We call this our "lightning striking" moment because we immediately understood why this needed to exist in the world in an easier-to-eat form. It hit all our needs and more: dairy-free, simple ingredients, and really delicious. Of course, we froze that very first batch in our home freezer and the next day realized why no one packages it like this. It was terrible! Super hard, impossible to scoop. But we stayed true to the ethos of our inspiration and made batch after batch of homemade ice cream, our poor husbands eating bowls and bowls of so-so-tasting batches. After many batches, we finally got a scoopable, delicious recipe down. That week, Hannah quit her job. Mollie took more convincing but joined Hannah full-time later that year. And, we created Must Love. That first batch is our classic Banilla flavor - banana with a hint of vanilla, made with bananas, coconut, and dates. Today we have a line of pints, novelty bars, and sprinkles! All are plant-based and made with simple, recognizable ingredients. All our ice cream is sweetened with real fruit - dates and coconut and made either with an oat milk or banana base. They come in indulgent flavors like Dipped Crunchy Peanut Swirl, Cashew Cookie, and Choco Choco Chip.

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