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Marquita Jaramillo

Normalize Mental Health + Holistic Wellness Welcome to The Concrete Rose where healed people heal people. The Concrete Rose was created to provide a safe place to heal your mind, body, and spirit through radical self-care and community connections. We actively work to maintain the grounding energy within our environment. We are a JUDGEMENT-FREE zone. We provide every member with a variety of rituals, techniques, information, and activities to help guide them through their healing journey regardless of where they are in life! By 2028, we aim to normalize mental wellness and provide support to over 10,000 black & brown women with functional self-care tools that help overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and fear in order to show up as their best selves. What are some benefits of self-care rituals? We propose that rituals should serve your highest self by supporting you through addressing the adaptive problems of group living, commitment to self, facilitating cooperation within the community, and increasing self-awareness. Self-care rituals you are able to use daily can really help switch things up. Today we can bring those experiences to you both in-person and in convenient mailing options for those limited on time in a self-care ritual subscription model. We are normalizing radical self-care for those seeking relief from burnout, stress, and anxiety. You will achieve self-actualization through guided action steps to reach your goals. *INTENTIONAL SIDE AFFECT OF SELF-CARE: Acknowledgment of personal power, encouraging decisiveness and open communication are all potential outcomes leading to your overall growth.

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