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Bird Hill Bogolan Cloak


100% Genuine Bogolan Cloak, Handcrafted. Malian Mudcloth

Unisex Cloak

Size : One size fits most


Availability: 2 in stock


This cloak is made using the Bògòlanfini fabric (also known as Mudcloth) from Mali. Each cloak is handmade in Ghana with care & love specially for you.

Mudcloth is a hand woven Malian cotton fabric. The process of creating mudcloth dates back to the 12th century, each finished cloth telling its own story through symbols, arrangements and colors.


  1. Haydn

    I am so please to receive my orders from Adorn Me Africa! I love the styles and jewelry. I have especially enjoyed the excitement of receiving a one-of-a-kind pieces that make me feel beautiful and bold for the past three years as a subscriber. The jewelry is fierce the snacks are tasty and I learn something new about Africa with each box.

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